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Cows and environmental pollution

The greenhouse effect is caused by several factors, the main ones are the CO2 emissions produced by industry

and gasoline vehicles, all this is well known, but what do we know about environmental pollution by methane ?, and also that this pollution is mainly generated by cattle, which is not mentioned in mass media but that it has been advised by the United Nations.

Cows produce more greenhouse gases than the whole transport sector (cars, trucks, trains, planes and ships combined) producing 13% compared with 18% produced by livestock in their digestive process.

The methane produced by cattle is 25 to 100 times more destructive than carbon dioxide produced by vehicles.

All this, according to experts could lead the next extinction of the main species, which only remembers the extinction of the dinosaurs and that this would happen in just 50 years.

This documentary gives us this information in detail, it is our responsibility to understand and spread through our social networks in order to raise awareness of the consequences we face when consuming red meat.