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Vacuum therapy

"Vacuum Therapy" It is similar to acupuncture therapy replacing needles by small suction cups, which give a gentle suction and are placed in the same points as acupuncture, generating a stimulus that runs through the meridians which activates the energy, achieving in the process improve and balancing energy, thus improving health.


Through this therapy we can improve our immune system which defend us from various diseases, also the vacuum can help us improve ailments like migraine headaches, allergies, arthritis, hernias, and other diseases, this is based on a principle of Chinese medicine "diseases do not exist, there is only lack of balance in energy" to achieve this balance can get through the vacuum.

  • Vacuum combine with any other treatment especially natural alternative therapies such as acupuncture, Bach flowers, homeopathy, etc.
  • Vacuum achieve better results with good balanced natural diet.
  • Vacuum does not generate contraindication with chemical treatments.
  • Vacuum is easy to perform, is comfortable, relaxing as pacifiers only be placed between the elbow and fingers and from the knees to the toes.
  • Vacuum lasts 1½ hours and 2 hours in comfortable stretchers designed to make your body are as relaxed and enjoy this time in a warm environment.
  • The vacuum helps eliminate stress, fatigue, etc.


  • The Vacuum has no side effects or sequel of any kind and will accommodate the individual needs of each person.
  • Las únicas personas que no pueden recibir son aquellas que tienen un dispositivo cardiovascular (marcapasos).