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Diet for a better life without diseases

All life we have a question. Am I hungry or am I full? ...

If you do not have something, you want something, if you receive a lot of something you're full of it; when we want something very strongly is something you really can not eat, or this may cause our body to react as epilepsy, eczema, pain, arthritis gastritis, stress, and lack of balance or other diseases.

Yes … life es very easy 


Careful what you like best, (sweet, salty, bitter ... etc) and try to eat things you do not like, because here are the things you probably miss your body. 


Pork, especially those who come from farms, because they are bred to produce all kinds of sausages, and meat must therefore, be raised with different antibiotics and other chemicals for a good production, when you consume these products these lower your immune system and mutate your cells and can lead to chronic diseases, just as the pig raised in landfills or artisanal farms, are fed with junk food or industrial chemicals.

Cows and other four-legged animals (fat, blood) has much uric acid and this is a poison to our body, for example bleeding ulcers or stomach acidity, tense muscles, migraines, gout, arthritis, gastritis, etc ..

Your digestion can only digest 35 gr. meat within 24 hours, for this, your body produces pectins and is almost impossible to do so, but it is very sure you have discomfort or symptoms difficult to digest, or disease.

You know these words, after a meal a "anis to wash it down ...", "I need to rest now ...", etc.

How much energy do you think you won after this meal? ... NOTHING

Oats are responsible for infections in the body and blood. Many people come with a lot of pain between the neck and shoulders and also with stomachaches, and these problems end in a few days when they stop eating oats.

Cow's milk and cow's milk products cause allergies, removes calcium, blood clots in the veins which can cause thrombosis, aneurysms, ear infections, asthma, phlegm, cholesterol.

Chocolate lowers energy in your liver and its functional quality is lower, produces migraine headache. The latest research shows that this is a great reason to reflux.

The flour is produced with engineered grains since to improve production almost all seeds were grafted for the purpose of improving the quality of grains, these flours are produced with these grains, which no longer have enough nutrients, and also have added synthetic additives such as:

  • Potassium bromate: acts as oxidant, soaker and bleach flour; side effects include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, seizures.
  • Chlorine: bleach, antibacterial and antifungal agent; side effects: irritating and destroys nutrients.
  • Chlorine dioxide: bleaching agent. Side effects: has not investigated the safety of their health effects. nutrients and vitamin E are destroyed.
  • Azodicarbonamide (azoformamide): Improves dough tolerance, providing fermentation.

All this is also a big reason for allergies, eczema, diabetes, etc.

The food industry uses many preservatives, dyes, without knowing 100%, the consequences they can produce, much less that can cause disease.

In some countries if they open a tomb of 15 or 20 years past makes it possible to see the body almost intact "live" earlier in 5 years, the body was dust, this due to the amount of preservatives you have in your body, all what you ate over the years, and suffering from many ailments and illnesses.

Ask yourself .......... THIS IS WORTH IT?....